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A demonstration of "Juice it or Lose it"

This is a demonstration of how to “juice” a game, as described in the gamedev talk “Juice it or lose it” (Youtube video below). The goal is to take a simple game, here a Breakout game, and try to improve it by only modifying non-gameplay elements such as graphics, sound effects or music.

Perlin noise

The purpose of this article is to describe the principle behind Perlin Noise the most intuitively possible, and explain how to implement it in practice. There are many ways to code Perlin Noise (some more optimized than others), but this article will focus on a simple and easily readable implementation.

Texture made using Perlin Noise

Generated hexagon map using Perlin Noise

At the end, you will be able to produce a grayscale image generated using Perlin Noise, such as shown above. Of course, the algorithm can be used to produced other types of generated content, such as height maps. The hexagon map that you can see above was generated using 2 Perlin Noise maps: one for the elevation, and one for the forest.

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