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Phi is a mod for the game Rimworld (made by Ludeon Studios) that enables multiplayer interactions between players à-la Simcity 2015. With it, players can send items & characters online to other players' colonies.

Rush Hour

Be the trafic manager you've never wanted to be! Handle the trafic lights of the intersections of a crowded city and above all, don't provoke any accident!

Rush Hour is an Android game made with the excellent Kenney's assets. This project was an opportunity to familiarize myself with the Unity Game Engine and the Android environment.


Gunball was made for the Gameboy Jam 5.

Unfortunately, because of unrelated reasons, I wasn't able to fully finish the game. Though, the prototype may occupy you for at least some minutes.


Zookeeper is an attempt to make a small, relaxing game with a nature theme. The result is a simple match-3 game with cute little animals to discover.

Dungeon of the Endless Database

DotE Database is a web application that provides a searchable database containing items, skills and characters of the game Dungeon of the Endless (made by Amplitude Studios)