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Adventures is a plugin for Twine that allows player to write interactive stories with RPG elements such as health, gold, items, stats and more.

Skills: HTML5, Typescript
Repository: GitHub


Phi is a mod for the game Rimworld (made by Ludeon Studios) that enables multiplayer interactions between players à-la Simcity 2015. With it, players can send items & characters online to other players' colonies.

Skills: Unity, C#, Modding
Repository: GitHub

Rush Hour

Be the trafic manager you've never wanted to be! Handle the trafic lights of the intersections of a crowded city and above all, don't provoke any accident!

Rush Hour is an Android game made with the excellent Kenney's assets.

Skills: Unity, Android


Gunball was made for the Gameboy Jam 5.

Unfortunately, because of unrelated reasons, I wasn't able to fully finish the game. Though, the prototype may occupy you for at least some minutes.


Zookeeper is an attempt to make a small, relaxing game with a nature theme. The result is a simple match-3 game with cute little animals to discover.

Dungeon of the Endless Database

DotE Database is a web application that provides a searchable database containing items, skills and characters of the game Dungeon of the Endless (made by Amplitude Studios)